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Every property needs careful management. It is best to allow the residents to live comfortably in the property, but the problem begins when the property owner is not in his home and has long or short-term tenants. Property management can waste time for the property owner, especially if he does not live close to the property, then he must go to the property to find new tenants to deal with electricity problems, piping, shutters and what else. In order to reduce the burden of the owner of the property under his management, you can find companies specializing in asset management who do all the work personally, and by a monthly payment from the owner of the property.

Property management was once owned by affluent people who owned several apartments in many parts of the country, but over the years property management services have become popular among the masses, even those who own one apartment and are interested in peace of mind alongside cost savings and of course saving precious time. Asset management company takes care of the ongoing treatment of the apartment, whether it is replacing tenants, dealing with various malfunctions and defects, transferring the apartment from tenant to tenant including electricity and water expenses in short, will manage the property professionally

Property marketing in the Tel Aviv and Central Region

The process of marketing properties is not a trivial matter and requires running from place to place and helping professionals such as realtors and salespeople to sell the property in the fastest way possible. When it comes to one single property for sale, many are using the services of brokers or various portals offered on the internet that allow them to offer their property for sale and wait for decent buyers. However, when it comes to marketing some properties, such as new projects under construction, this is completely different, since a salesperson should be available to those interested, show them the apartment and be in contact with them until the end of the purchase process. Therefore, in this case it is good to use a company that offers property marketing correctly, whether by advertising and branding in the Internet and in local newspapers, publishing articles about the property, public relations, advertising on Google, advertising in dedicated portals and more.

Why use a company offering property marketing?

Companies that offer marketing properties ensure that the sales process has been carried out professionally, from the beginning to the end, including close customer support until the end of the sale. This service is also suitable for those who own a single property or some properties that are not new projects. After moving to advertising, it is necessary to prepare the property for sale, repair and repair of defects and wear, clean the apartment professionally by cleaning company, advertise the apartment, get relevant buyers and show them the Property, negotiations and it seems that the list is still long.

How to Choose the Right Asset Marketing Company?

Experience and seniority the company – a reputable professional company will know how to maximize the sale by various methods that it has opened over the years, so it is worth examining the company’s experience and experience in marketing similar assets to yours.

Use of skilled professionals – It is important to check whether the company provides complementary services of professionals such as – appraiser for evaluating the value of the apartment, high-class renovators, electricians, salespeople, advertising people, etc.

Payment of the brokerage fee – It is recommended to carefully examine the amount of the commission that the company takes for the service and to make price comparisons between the various companies in order to estimate the prices. It is customary to take between 1% and 2%, as commission fees, but it is important to check this in advance.

All the advantages of a property management company

Peace of mind and relaxation – you do not have to deal with the apartment, just receive monthly rent and enjoy constant peace of mind.

Higher yield – the company will assess the value of the property and thus rent it to tenants at the highest price relative to the market.

Preparing the apartment for rent – the company will fix, repair defects that are naturally in the house and prepare it for rent, without being involved at all, the only thing you have to do is just sign the lease agreement with the new tenants.

Maintenance costs – An asset management company will provide you with all the necessary professionals since it has skilled professionals who are always available for any problem in the apartment, whether they are electricians, plumbers, carpenters, handymen, and others.

Accompanying the process of closing the contract – the company will accompany you in finding the tenants and closing the contract with them in front of a lawyer and also bring all the necessary collateral to close the most secure contract for the property owners and new tenants.

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